"Excellent team of professionals!
The best vendor by far that we worked with during our wedding. 10/10 recommend this duo, they do amazing work!

About Your Service - From the first time Maria and I talked to you until now, you two have been nothing but enthusiastic and supportive. Throughout all of the stressful situations Maria and I had while planning and on even on the day of the wedding, it was easy to count on you for positive energy and kind words. Apart from giving you this feedback for you to enjoy and for future customers to see, we just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for us.

About Your Product - I know most, if not all, couples stress out during the day of their wedding and wonder if everything is going as planned. Even after the wedding, I'm sure a lot of couples wonder "Was the food good?" "Did I make a fool of myself dancing?" (I know for sure I did) "Did we pick the right videographer?" but I can tell you for certain, that we never questioned our decision to hire your team of two and never worried about final product you were going to deliver. I could tell early on that your work was about more than just giving us what we paid for....I can tell that you enjoy the process and love giving your customers something special. Mission accomplished. Your video packaged our memories into a stunning highlight reel in a way that helped us forget all the things we worried about and helped us remember everything that was beautiful about our wedding. Again, thank you."
"Professional, understanding, creative, and just fun! We had our small ceremony during quarantine and let me just tell you... Dani and Ale made us feel so at ease throughout it all. They captured so many great shots, video and stills, and their editing has blown me away! It all came out perfectly and I am just so grateful to them for being so patient with us so they could really capture so many intimate and candid moments. Just pure professionalism, I'd recommend them time and time again. Thank you so much, ladies! Truly "
"Dani and Ale were FANTASTIC!! I can’t recommend them enough! They were so kind and friendly to us and listened to everything we needed for our wedding day. They made our day even more special than it was and I’m so happy I stumbled upon their work. Even my family and friends said that they were on top of their game and were present for every single moment! If you ever need anyone to capture your day, produce quality work, and trust to get everything and more, they’re your girls!"
Marijo I.
"We are absolutely thrilled with our wedding video in the entire experience we had with Ale and Dani at Rain or Shine Films. Our wedding video was beyond what we expected and with a very reasonable and affordable price! It was so amazing to share with family members who were not able to attend our wedding. I would highly recommend hiring these girls for your special day! "
"Dear Dani and Ale, We have been watching the films and raw footage that you sent us and have been overwhelmed with how much work you put into crafting such a beautiful result for us! You caught all the moments that we wished that we could have seen on our wedding day but couldn't be there to witness and what you captured is now ours for the rest of our lives to watch and enjoy with our loved ones!"
"I will always remember my wedding as an amazing day but being able to tell the story as Daniella and Alejandra did is something that would not be possible without their help. Their dedication to capturing the energy and emotion of the moment is a work of art and I cannot be more grateful for them. My wife Katie and I will be able to look back at photos and reminisce in still moments but seeing a film of our wedding day that recreates the feeling of being there will bring us smiles for the rest of our lives."
Mario G.
"Rain or Shine Films certainly lived up to their name during our wedding. Even with the weather pouring down on us most of the day, they were so attentive to detail, we found a 5 min window to jump outside for a quick, beautiful captured moment without rain. Had they not been looking out for this perfect moment for us, we most likely would have missed the opportunity. Their professional attitude and respect to their client is tops! We very much appreciated having Rain or Shine Films record our special day, and would absolutely recommend them to others! Sincerely"
Tim & Deirdre
Groom & Bride
"Thank you for working tirelessly with us leading up to the wedding and hearing all our thoughts and being so humble and receptive to hear what we wanted. The first time we talked with you we felt you really listened to us and we felt a wonderful connection with you both. You both were so professional in person and over email and always put us at ease. I think we learned from you both what a huge difference it makes when you have a comfort and ease with the people you work with, especially in something as personal as your wedding. You both were some of the last people that stayed until the end of the night at our wedding and were still asking us if we wanted to say something to the camera. This work you did for us was truly a labor of love as we realized there was a colossal amount of footage you captured and we know that it must have taken hours and hours to comb through everything to find those highlights, so we are very grateful for all the work you put in to make this possible for us to enjoy. Thank you for color-grading our film, making the colors more vibrant and beautiful."
"Both my husband and I were astonished with how amazing our wedding video turned out. It brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it, and I feel as though I am back there, on my wedding day. We had an idea of how we wanted it to look, and they delivered with such precision as well as exceeding our expectations. They absolutely caught the magic of the day. I can’t thank Dani and Ale enough for creating this beautiful memory piece for us, which we were able to share with all our family and friends. They were awesome to work with. The day was so fun and so stress free with their help. They were so great at both providing direction and capturing special moments when they happened organically. We were just so lucky to find these two awesome ladies!! Thanks again Ale and Dani. "
Julie S.